Racing Business Metal Cards

Racing Business Metal Cards

What is Racing Business Metal Cards?

Racing is thrilling and entertaining work, so its business card must be inspiring too. Your business card, a symbolic call for your business, must represent your business nature. If we dig the nature of the racing business, we found that it’s thrilling, exciting, amusing and entertaining work, in which one person risk his own life and race with the speed of their life to amuse others and to feel thrilled.

For racers, we have some exciting ideas for your business card. Here we go, come to the website and get a fascinating idea for your business representing card. We are sure that you will love that idea, you will find them as amusing interesting as you see your profession.


We design best for you because we care for you. If you are a racer, then you are at the right place because we have fascinating and amazing business card ideas for you, which will best represent your work and will be eye-catching too.

If you are the one who sponsors races or arranges races for people's entertainment, we have unique ideas for you too. Our craftsmen will design for you according to your position. We provide you best and best design which you will love it.

Metal cards have grace in them; when you hand them over to anyone, they will ask you back about your work or business. That person will not resist questioning back and will work as an icebreaker for further communication. Metal business cards are the best opener of conversation.


Racers are celebrities, too, so their business card must have that look also. If we see their personality as a racer, they are thrillers, love to play with danger, like to put their life on the edge of death. So, their business card should represent their nature. After studying racing business characteristics, our craftsmen have given their best and excellent ideas, which fully represent racers and the racing business.

Our brand prefers the best, so we use the best material for our customers because we care for you and your satisfaction. We selected the best quality of metal and fascinating ideas for this card. Specially designed for the racing business, we assure you that you will like our amazing and exciting ideas about the racing business, which will fully represent your business.


This card has the best features, which make it different from all cards. Its features are specially designed for the racing business. From its material to its writing color, every single point is planned according to the racing point of view. In this category, we have the best features for you. Following are the detail of this card.


Stainless Steel

This metal card is made up of stainless steel, one of the best qualities of the world. Our brand uses the best metal because we want your satisfaction. This stainless steel will give a luxury look and will become an icebreaker for your start-up conversation.

Credit Card Sizing

Our craftsmen select its size similar to credit card size, which is a very accurate business card. This is an ideal size for any business card. Size matters a lot, it must be pocket size, so it will be a convent for you to carry and easy for customers to put it into their pocket. So, brands prefer credit card sizes for racing business cards.


 Frosted Finish

This card has a frosted finish which gives it a unique look and luxury appearance. This will attract your client and help you to make bonding with new clients. This frosted finishing makes the card look more appealing and gives grace to its look. This finishing gives an elegant and graceful impression on clients and helps make trustworthy relations with clients or customers.

Mirror Finish for Line and Detail of Design

This feature separates it from others because it makes it unique in itself. For line and detail of design, our craftsmen prefer this because it gives a luxurious look to the card. It will give an elegant look and represent your work nature whether you are a racer or one who manages races manager.


Etch Plus Printing Red

On stainless steel with mirror or frosted finishing, etch and print in red colour are a plus. This feature will enhance the beauty of the card and make it as fascinating as the race is. In racing, racer put their life in danger for fun and excitement, using red color indicate their thrilling level. 


Following are some benefits, which will help you to make the best decision.

  • Stainless steel is durable and long-lasting.
  • Best professional tool.
  • Leaves a strong, appealing, and luxurious impression on others.
  • Work as an ice breaker.
  • They are Waterproof, which makes them long-lasting.
  • Etched will remain long-lasting and prevent from rubbing off.
  • The red color gives a unique and thrilling look to your business card.
  • This card has a superstar look which indicates a racer personality.