Silver Foil Business Cards

Silver Foil Business Cards

What is Silver Foil Business Cards?

Cards are the representor of your business, so they should be extravagant, sophisticated, elegant, and fascinating. Because it is the symbolic call for your business, it must be eye-catching and attractive. Usually, we give cards to clients they don't consider to read it even once, some of them throw them in no time, it means that business cards are useless because the aim was not achieved, for which you made your business card. 

A business card must be attractive, eye-catching, impressive, stimulating, and fascinating. The information must write in a way that no one gets to stop themselves from reading it. For this metal, the card is the best and right choice. For your business, you must choose the right option, and this card is the road maker for your business; it must have an intense look to gain people's attention.


Selecting the best thing for your representation is the smartest choice, which indicates your wise moves for your business. Silver foil is one of the best options for a business card. Its design is very sophisticated and elegant, which gives a positive impression on the client's mind. It has an eye-catching design that fascinated others and becomes an icebreaker between you and the client. It's quite impossible that if you hand it over to the client and he doesn't ask you about your business, this design is quite fascinating.

Silver foil has a high-end and customized look, which makes it unique in itself. This card has a simple and elegant look, which has mesmerizing impact and foam an unforgettable memory. Its classy look and strong impression is its best feature. Selecting it will be your smart choice.

We see lots of things in a day, but we remember only a few of them; why? Because we give attention to beautiful and attractive things and these things have the ability to foam long-lasting memory.  So, don't forget that if you select ordinary or cheap business cards, it will also be fog out from their brains. You must have selected that business card will steal the client's attention, and he can't resist asking the information about your business. This method is never failed to make clients.



This card has exciting features, which make it unique and fascinating. Its material to its look all is eye-catching and interesting. Following are its features.

Stainless Steel

This silver foil business card is made up of stainless steel. Our brand assures you the best material will be used for your product. This card gives an elegant and luxurious look, which helps start up the conversation between you and your customers. Here, in our store, you will get the finest quality because we care for your business.

Credit Card Shape and Size

Credit card size and shape are ideal, so we design the card on its measuring because it is accurate, pocket-sized, and easily carried in wallets and bags. This size and shape are on standard measuring and very convent to carry around. We believe every detail and size must be inaccurate in size and shape, and this accuracy makes the product perfect, attractive, appealing and stimulating.

Black is etched and printed

For its display writing and logos, our craftsmen selected black colour. On silver background, black comes out as a very prominent colour. We like to design best for you. The logos and information written with etching look very beautiful and classy. Printing enhances its appearance and makes it more appealing and pleasing.


Building inside the W

On the card, you can see in the picture that the building is drawn inside the W is etching only with Matt Silver, which is a totally unique concept and the most attractive one for the clients. Our craftsmen can beautifully draw your company building in the very first alphabet of you your company name. You have to tell the alphabet and send us the building style you want in that alphabet.  


This card can be used for different purposes, and we can design and engrave data on it as per your demand. Following are some useful ideas for this metal card.

  • Business Cards
  • VIP cards
  • Membership Cards
  • VIP Discount Cards
  • Gift Cards


Business is totally on loss and profits, where the benefits are there is business. So, it's a significant part because a person will buy a thing which gives him benefits and profits. So, these are some benefits we have for you to tell that how could this card will be beneficial for your business.

  • This card is money worth.
  • It has an elegant, attractive, appealing, and charming look, which helps to get the client's attention.
  • Its material is durable and enduring.
  • Best professional tool.
  • This card will give a sophisticated look that helps to develop a trustworthy relationship with the client.
  • It gives a luxurious look.