Electrician Handyman Metal Business Cards

Electrician Handyman Metal Business Cards

What is Electrician Handyman Metal Business Cards?

Every job nature demand for business card, whether if you are doing an office job, running a whole company, having personal work, even if you are doctor, engineer, lawyer, mechanic, psychologist, or electrician, etc. every job needs to be described adequately. So, business cards are the best way to introduce your business at the very first time of the meeting. With a quality product, it will become easier to gain the attention of clients.


The first impression leaves a deep mark on others so, and it must be strong enough that the client will ask you about your business information. The card is the correct choice for this metal because it looks elegant, stimulating, and fascinating. It will give a strong impression on the client and help you break the first awkward silence between you and your client.

Our brand presents you with the best designs, according to the nature of your business. We design best for you because we care for you. You can freely discuss your ideas with our craftsmen and get the best design out of them.

Why Choose this?

If you are doing your own business, not connected to any firm, then you must select the best business card to represent your quality of work and dedication towards your work. The metal card will help you out to tell half of your story because the card is the symbolic call, which tells your basic information to the client and impresses them from your selection and commitment to your work.


An electrician handyman is a person who is hired by someone to do major wiring jobs and other electrical jobs at homes, companies, etc., they are on per day wages. You can call them laborer's too. They have to introduce themselves in the market to get work. Or they connect themselves with the agency who becomes a junction between them and their client. In both cases, they have strong impression business cards to convey that they are committed to their work.

Electrician handyman business card is the right choice for your business. It will become a barrier breaker between you and your client and work as insurance of your work quality. Its stainless steel gives a strong impression, and the brush finish makes it attractive and eye-catching. Counting all its features, it provides an elegant impact on others. 


If you want unique ideas for your electrician handyman business card, then you are at the right place. Our brand is here for your services. Following are features of this card that make it beautiful and stimulating.

Stainless Steel

The material used for this card is stainless steel, which gives an elegant and luxurious look to the card and makes it special. If you give the best quality thing to others, that makes them feel special, same is for this case that client will feel special whiling taking this metal card from you and work as a special treatment.


Credit Card Sizing

Credit card size is an ideal size for business cars too. Sizing things matters a lot so, selecting an accurate size for the card is an important part of electrician handyman business cards. It makes, its look complete.

Brush Finish

Brush finishing will give a soft effect and help to highlight the information written on the card. It makes the card smooth and gives mesmerizing effect. Here, in our brand, you will find the best for your business promotion. Brush finishing is the perfect selection for stainless steel, and its smooth look will attract the clients to attend and help break the silence between you and your clients.

Etching Plus Printing Black for information / Design Layout

This card has a silver look, so black for printing will be a good idea because black itself has grace, and when it combines with silver, the fascinating look came out, which will work as a stimulus and become plus point in its beauty. The etching is used for information, logos, and design layouts. For writing on metal cards, etching is one of the most acceptable methods, which gives grace and finishing to the product.

Our craftsmen choose the best options to make business cards for you. We selected the most exemplary method for information and logos after trying various ways because it comes out exquisitely and gives a premium look to the card.


Before buying anything, we firstly search for its benefits, its quality level, etc. So, the following are some benefits of this card design that will help you make the right decision.

  • It helps to give a strong first impression of your business which is a very crucial point.
  • The stainless steel used for this is durable, enduring, and long-lasting. 
  • This card will work as the best professional tool, especially for your private business.
  • Its sophisticated look will show how dedicated and committed you are to your work.