Luxury Metal Cards


Sun January 23, 2022
Stainless steel business card

Stainless steel as the word clearly indicates that it is free from stains and will remain neat and clean. The stainless steel card shows decency with the tinge of strength.

Black Metal business cards

Black is a really attractive color and may add value to your business and pave the way for it's flourishing. The black color adjusts in almost all backgrounds and situations.

Custom Metal business cards

Some people don't like the showcased designs and colors which are commonly in vogue, so what will they do then? If they don't like the available designs. Custom metal cards are a perfect solution for this situation. So they can modify or regenerate the specific design according to their taste and likings and get a business card not only according to their interest but fulfill their requirement

Silver Metal business cards

Silver is a sweet and soothing color that shows your seriousness with your business. It creates an aura around your personality to which the people found attraction.

Gold Impression Metal Cards

If you run an investment company or other financial institution, there are few better business cards than ones that elicit feelings of wealth and prosperity. Our gold colored metal business cards are actually made of more durable and affordable metals such as copper or brass.


Miami Art Design Week - Luxury Metal Cards On
								Full Display At Brickell
Miami Art Design Week
Luxury Metal Cards On Full Display At Brickell
Sleek Majestic Cut out Brush Stainless Steel, with the perfect Cut out Wrap Around wave cloud logo for Coast Energy's Custom Business Card. By Frank Urbano Jr.

After the industrial revolution the wealth and fortune increased manifold but affluence and abundance of wealth cost human being's personal relations since everyone is preoccupied with one's own businesses and has no time to maitain personal contacts.However,all the businesses and jobs require socialization for their growth and flourishing here comes the business card which helps keep the the personal contacts alive.Business card through a modern-day phenomenon is used by businessmen,politicians and government officials to cultivate personal relations amongst the people.The exchange of the business card containing the personal,business information during formal introduction promotes personal and business relationships.Moreover, human beings are habitually forgetful but an attractive format of a business card with some catchy sentence about the bearer remains fresh in the memory.Paper business card have become old fashioned and a thing of the past.The metal business cards that are elegant, catchy and attractive are now in.They stand out for their uniqueness and give you edge over others in the competitive world of business.

Gold Custom Business Cards

If you're a fabricator that specializes in stainless steel, modular construction, or medical devices, metal business cards are perfect for you.There are nearly endless customization options available to our customers. True to this company's motto, these cards are awesome, not average!


Printing of Design After finalizing the design of your luxury metal business card, now the next step is printing of the selected design and information on the transparent sheet. Once you have done the printing of the design on a transparent sheet the next you have to deal with metal sheets. Then the metal sheet is procured after its cleaning and shining process. Thereafter, the finalized design is embedded on the metal sheet. After that, the metal sheet containing the design will have to be processed for cleaning. Now the metal sheets contain not only one card but so many. So it's time to separate each metal business card. To separate these luxury business cards from each other the acid/ chemical is sprayed on them on the point of separation precisely, so they easily get separated from each other. In this way the luxury metal cards are made.


Design The design is the first step for a metal card. The variety in designs is innumerable but every person has his own choice and preferences for a design and colors. Some people like gold metal cards while others have crazed the black metal card. So it all depends on the preference. Now you have to decide about your logo on the card and the information which you want to display. Similarly, you can also mention some sentences to catch the eyes of the recipient. Our design team will provide you dozens of card design templates as you put quote. As you put quote we will welcome you in our most advanced and digital system where you've your own panel to interact with our designer team without any delay. You'll have choice to accept or reject designs or post any reviews about card design. As our designer team upload design template you will also be notified with email and SMS.


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Tyrese Gibson Brass Metal Card

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