UV Matt Black Metal Business Cards

UV Matt Black Metal Business Cards

UV Matt Black Metal Business Cards Introduction

Blank is so elegant colour where blank there is no other colour. When two elegant things combine, you can guess what will happen, one is a metal card, and the others are black. Black itself completes the picture. And matt black is exclusive.

Business cards belong to old school but are still one of the unbeatable professional tools. Our craftsmen took the matt black metal to design metal cards for your valuable business. This matt black metal card is specially designed for fashion and trend-conscious, who value the classic look.


For those who want to represent their business in a mesmerizing way, then matt black metal card is the best selection for them. It gives a luxurious impression and will be the ultimate thing for your business expression. Then you must contact our brand for your business cards. We assure you that this will be your best choice for your business.

Uv is the unique feature of this card, which makes it as special as your business. Etching and printing do not show good results on matt black, so our craftsmen used Uv to write information and draw logos on the card, which is an exciting and creating process.

Matt black is rare for business card shape, but fascinating too. This card design is suitable for fashion businesses and Frenches. As we know, that business card is a visual representation of your business and the black colour itself a complete story, so when these two metal cards and their black colour combine then, there will be a special card. 


This card has unique features that make it elegant and fascinating for the customers. Its human nature attracts elegant and precious things, this UV matt black metal card gives an elegant, luxurious and attractive look.

Two-Tone Spot Uv Black Logo and pattern

THE two-tone UV technology is used to draw logos and patterns on this matt black card, which gives a fantastic look.  UV is a hard clear coating of a polymer applied on the printed matter or on uncoated surfaces. It’s used as liquid form, then shown to ultraviolet (UV) light, which ties and dries it immediately, so this is the process of UV.

With White Raised effect for the information

On matt black-white effect is more visible, to give it amazing effects to the card, information is written with white ink which will be more captivating for the customers. We have the best craftsmen who make cards memorable for you and your customers. All information on the card will be written with perfection and finishing. We present your information in a way that people will not be able to stop them from seeing every detail written on the card.


Can use for

This card design can be used for multiple purposes, some of them are below.

Gift cards

If you want to add luxuries to your gift, you can add this matt black card with your gift. Your feeling written on a card with a white raised effect will boost the excitement for a person to whom you want to present. Your affection will reflect with this card. Our craftsmen will help you to present your feeling in a mesmerizing way.

VIP cards

Most people say that "black is so my colour" means they associate themselves with this colour. Where we want to look sophisticated, we wear black, the same happens in the case of the card. We want to give a trustworthy impression to the customer, so we select black cards too. Every customer means a lot, and they want special treatment, we suggest you make your VIP cards in matt black metal, it will attract customers and make an unforgettable impression on their minds. It will be your smart choice.

VIP Discount cards

VIP customers want VIP treatment too. In VIP treatment, first things come quality products, which decides whether customers must stay or not. So, tell customers about your product chose the best VIP discount cards because most people think in discount the quality is minimized but with best discount cards you can assure them about your quality product even in discount.


Membership Cards

People love to join clubs or different societies and want to maintain their living class for that they like to choose the best clubs and groups. To represent your club best in all, you must select the most fascinating membership card for your club. It gives surety to your member of best service from your club. The fact of choosing matt black for your membership card is that blacks have a luxurious impact on humans' minds.


Here are a few benefits of having this elegant and premium quality UV matt black metal business card:

  • It has a luxurious look.
  • It will be lifelong.
  • This card is money worth product.
  • This card is durable and enduring.
  • Cards are the best marketing tool, and this design will attract customers' attention.
  • This card bounces perfect professional impact on customers.