Copper Metal Brush Finish

Copper Metal Brush Finish

Copper Metal Brush Finish Introduction

The metal itself gives the extravagance effect, but gold provides the luxury with effect. This card is made up of brass, and brass is an alloy made of refined copper and zinc, which closely resemble gold. This metal is good in quality and less expensive than gold. This is one of the fine metals. We name it Copper Metal Brush Finish.

This metal looks like gold, so cards made with this metal gives a luxurious look. As we know, that business card is the first impression of your business, so it must be elegant and fascinating. Its appearance of real gold is captivating. One thing is confirmed when you hand over your business card to someone, one must ask you back it is of gold, so this works as a gripping attention technique, will become a reason for further communication.

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, with luxury look you can have more clients because people attract towards luxuries and appealing things and when gold comes then everything's gets plus point.

With a gold look, the cut-out design made the card incredible. Any era of people loves beauty and expensive things. This cut-out gold metal card gives an exclusive and precious look and fascinates the customers towards them. Once you hand it over to the customer, this card itself tells its story that how valuable information is on this card. No one can resist seeing this card and will read the information that you want to convey to other people.

On must not like to associate word cheaper with their business, so select the best one for your representative card. When you show your card, a customer must realize that your business level is boundless. The first impression must go strong on customers so our selection of the card must be very choosy.


Copper Metal Brush Finish Features

We designed this brass metal card with unique ideas.

Cut out Designs

Cut out designs, also called deeply etched, in which some of the surfaces are removed and foam some image. This artwork looks beautiful on cards. In our store, you will find incredible cut-out designs, and we assure you that you will be gone a love them. 

This design is perfect for gaining the attention of trend-conscious and fashion innovators because it gives a very trendy look.  This iconic style will elevate your business level. Our craftsmen will cut out any design as per your demand. Feel free to discuss any design with our craftsmen, and our brand will give you the best product. 

Tiger Etched plus printed

Tiger itself is a beautiful animal, and when it comes to printing, it becomes ten times more fascinating and charming. Etching tiger or tiger prints on cards are so elegant and appealing. This will take the card to another level, which is unexplainable.

Etching on a card is a unique thing, but etching a tiger on a card increases its worth. Our brand care for your business, so we make the best and best designs for you. Besides etching, tiger-style prints can also be printed on the cards as per your demand.


We present one on one best ideas for you that help to spread your business. Printing on metal is not an easy task, but our brand gives the best bond for ink sticking to the metal. Best quality work is our promise to you. With cut-out design ad tiger etching, if you want to print, the finest ink colour is used for this purpose.


Can Use for

This style can be used for different purposes.

Business Cards

This is one of the best ideas for your business card because it is appealing.

VIP cards

If you want this card as VIP cards, for example, for hotel business VIP cars are need this tiger etched and cut out images on the cards will give the feeling of being unique and will satisfy them.

Membership Cards

You can use this card for different purposes too like you want to make a membership card of this style, it will be an incredible idea. Tiger on the card gives the strongest impression on your customers and foam a strong bond between you and your customers.

VIP Discount Cards

If you have any kind of shop business, then for VIP discount cards, this card will be the stimulus one. Its look will help to call customers for shopping again and again.

Gift Cards

To make your gifts more memorable, a cut out Golden metal Card will be the most appealing idea.


Following are some benefits.

  • These cards are durable.
  • These cards show your professional attitude towards your business.
  • These are long-lasting cards with an elegant look.
  • Its cut out design is unique and more attractive.
  • Metal cards are the best marketing tool that cannot easily replace by any other option.
  • Etching tiger on cards will make the card more captivating.
  • It will work as an icebreaker in conversation.
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