Black and Silver Business Cards

Black and Silver Business Cards

What is Black and Silver Business Cards?

Metal cards are the best option for business cards because they give luxuries and an elegant impression. Your business card is the very first presentation of your business, your dedication, and your commitment to your work. So, you have to be very selective about your business card. "The first impression is the last impression," this proverb has a lot to say. The first meeting is the only chance for you to make a strong impression on the client, so you should not waste a golden chance.

This card is designed with black metal, and silver is used for writing. This is a pleasant combination that shows elegance. Our brand prefers the best for you, so don't worry, you are in the right place. Here you get the high-quality product because we want customer satisfaction; this is our true success. Feel free to discuss your ideas with our craftsmen and get the desired business card.


This card has a wonderful look that fascinates others. Black is a royal colour, which mesmerizes a person easily, and silver touch with black makes the thing unique. When two classy things combine, then the result will be perfect and delightful.

Black and Silver business cards are the ideal style for visiting cards. The smart businessman will choose the best for his business because he knows that smart choice will give profit to their business. Every single step is essential for their business.

Visiting cards is a vital professional tool; it must have to be very special too. These black and silver business cards are so special and different from other cards. Its design is a combo of simplicity and style, which gives it an exquisite look to the card.


Product features make them unique. The theme of this card is elegant and straightforward, and its design is based on a modest and graceful idea. Following are the specification that makes this card special.

Black Metal Card

The material used for this card is black metal. It is the combo of two best things, and one is a metal card other is black metal. It is the most elegant and sophisticated style, which will represent you in a charming way. Black metal is one of the high-quality metals, and we used the finest one for cards because the better will represent the best.

Amex Border Design

Amex border Design is the American style of a border around the card. It gives a charming and pleasant look to the card. Our brand has the best Amex border design, which is very attractive and mesmerizing. This designed boundary is one of its special features, which make this card fascinating and mesmerizing. 


Credit Card Look

The credit card is the ideal size for business cards. Its size and shape both are accurate for visiting cards. The size is easy to carry around and easy to keep in pocket and wallet. This is a very affordable size and shape. You can have this card anywhere with you and can hand it over to your client at any time, which is a brilliant move for your business.

Silver Etching black off to reveal the silver metal tone

This is a special feature of this card that makes it unique and remarkable. Its silver etching is not the print color, but it's done through a unique method. Our craftsmen used the simple and unique technique by scratching the black metal in order to make letters or logos. Silver Etching black off to reveal a silver metal tone, which gives an amazing look to the card. All these procedures are done very magnificently. 

It is a very sensitive procedure, but our craftsmen work really hard to give you the best. Any data you want on the card will be done with this technique. This silver color fascinates and gets the attention of the viewer quickly. We design best for you because we care for you.


Can Use For

Black and Silver Metal Card is not only for business, but it can also be used for various purposes. Any data you can etch on them according to your demand. Following are some useful ideas for this metal.

  • Business Cards
  • VIP cards
  • Membership Cards
  • VIP Discount Cards
  • Bank Payment Cards
  • Gift Cards


Without benefits, there is no business, and it is a very crucial point for the business. Business is all about profit and loss. The smart businessman will always make a wise choice. He will know how vital visiting card is, some

  • They are Water-resistant, which makes them long-lasting.
  • Having the best Business card is the most professional technique, giving the impression of a professional attitude towards your business.
  • This black and silver card is durable and enduring.
  • This metal card is money worth.
  • It is the most effective professional tool for marketing.
  • It gives a strong impression of your business.
  • This unique style etched will remain long-lasting and prevent from rubbing off.