Florida Gold Cut out Business Card

Florida Gold Cut out Business Card

As the name suggests, this is a business card of golden color. The business card still finds its usage in the elite class who still prefer these cards over technology-oriented stuff. The business card is representative of the whole business. It refers to the type of business. If the card is mesmerizing enough, then it is more likely to enhance the business by attracting the attention of the consumers.

 The color refers to the appearance of the card. The golden or gold color is a very antique color. Gold is an example of elegancy and has its class. It is a color that shows culture and heritage. There is a cut-out on this card which makes it more elegant and unique. This design is very specific and pretty. Black on gold is a combination that never disappoints.

The best thing about this card is the detail that is provided in a very compact space. These details not only talk about the phone number but also give access to Instagram. This is the unique feature of the business card, which makes it modernized. There is also the email id imprinted on the card.

The zig-zags cuts on the card are very fine and fashionable. These cuts are what makes it different from other cards. 

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