Brass Metal Sample Cards (2.95 S&H)

Copper Metal Sample Cards (2.95 S&H)

Black Metal Sample Cards (2.95 S&H)

Black Metal Sample Cards (2.95 S&H)


We Have A Proven Track Record Of Exceptional Customer Service

reviewer image Manuel Hopper, Freelance Digital Animator

As a marketing director it is my job to always know what’s new before it becomes outdated and overused. Metal business cards helped me stay one step ahead of my business but also my position and when independent contractors depend on you to keep them at the top of the food chain, having knowledge about cutting edge materials guarantees their trust that I know what I am capable of doing for them.

reviewer image Kelly Grimes, Vice President of Sales

As a small business owner it is important to me that my product stay fresh in my clientele’s mind and my services always tailored to meet expectations. So when my reoccurring clients ask me for a card to reference my business, I make sure I give them my custom designed metal business card because it offers a professional appearance whether I am the one handing it out or not.

reviewer image Ramon Glover, Accounts Executive

Luxury real estate is a competitive, fast paced, and time consuming business. As a realtor and luxury property specialist it is my job to be an expert and if I don’t have 20 seconds to make an impression then I don’t have business. With my metal business cards I don’t have to depend on making that 20 seconds count when my business card blows people away in 5! My business has grown and so has the trust of clients whom can clearly see that I value my business and take my job very seriously.

reviewer image Selena Kramer, Marketing Manager

I am extremely picky when it comes to my marketing, as an artist I want my marketing to reflect my unique style and showcase my specialty in metal sculpting. These metal business cards stand the test to my preferred art medium and expressing my enthusiasm for creativity. Customer service was excellent and my metal business cards came in just a few quick days!

reviewer image Natasha Mendoza, Business Executive

I like the durability of my metal business card, in my shop we are always working with heaving machinery so when my card falls on the floor or is stepped on I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined because it doesn’t scratch easy.

reviewer image Demarcus Mcneil, Senior Field Representative

My metal business cards are awesome, I chose the stainless steel metal cards because of my construction business and though it can be a messy job I can count on my cards to still hold their shape and give off a professional appearance.